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Natural honey


Natural honey

We offer natural honey Ukrainian origin.

Linden honey, acacia honey, buckwheat honey, polyflower honey, sunflower honey.

Acacia (white acacia) honey is one of the best varieties. When liquid, it is transparent but during crystallization (granulation) it becomes white in color and fine-grained like snow. Bees also collect nectar from the flowers of yellow acacia. This honey is very light, but once it crystallizes, it becomes thick, white in color, with medium grain. Yellow acacia honey is also among the best varieties.

Linden honey is collected everywhere and people consider it as one of the best varieties. It is valuable because of its exceptionally pleasant flavor. All kinds of linden honey have excellent specific aroma and wonderful flavor in spite of light bitter aftertaste, which disappears very quickly. Linden honey has valuable nutritional and curative properties.

Buckwheat honey is produced everywhere, but mainly in Ukraine. Color of honey ranges from dark yellow with a reddish tint to dark brown. In contrast to other honeys, it has a peculiar aroma and specific flavor. It crystallizes into uniform, mostly large-grained mass of dark yellow color. Some tasters assert that when eating buckwheat honey "tickles your throat".
In most cases, buckwheat honey is rated as high-grade honey with healing properties. It contains more protein and iron than other botanical varieties of honey. Thus, this honey is recommended for treating anemia.

Sunflower honey is golden yellow with a faint aroma and an astringent flavor. It crystallizes rapidly. During crystallization it turns light amber, sometimes with a greenish tint. Sunflower honey has valuable dietary and curative properties.

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